The Top 5 Combat Rifles of All-Time an article from Cheaper Than Dirt’s blog. But what would General Patton say today?

Well a good Monday morning to you all out there in Cyberspace.

Ok, ok, I know good and Monday morning makes as much sense as Military Intelligence and Politically Correct do. But hey what can I say, it got your blood flowing just thinking about it and that is the point when I am about to ask you a philosophical question so early in the week.

The link to the article below from this week’s Cheaper than Dirt’s news letter leads you to an interesting article about what the author beliefs are the “Top 5 Combat Rifles of All-Time”.   Dave Dolbee published on October 4, 2014 in Firearms and reprinted  in The Shooters Log ..

While it is a good article it got me thinking and from thinking to questioning. The toughest question that I came up with is, what would General George Patton have to say about this list and it’s choices if he was still alive today. General Patton is often quoted for saying “The M-1 Garand rifle is the best battle rifle ever made.” Well that was then at the peak of WWII and this is now, 2014 and the choices are truly many.

Would the General agree with the article’s author that the AK-47 is the world’s best combat rifle? Or would he opt for another approach? As a Tanker the General loved heavy duty firepower, so I don’t think he would have chosen a M-16 with it’s 5.56 (223) caliber because the caliber does have some limitations in both sheer knock down power and in long range engagement capabilities. Which are true enough as the history of the last 50 years of it’s use has shown. That is why today the M-14 a derivative of the M-1 is still in use with our troops in Afghanistan today. Because it can reach out and knock them down at 500 yards plus. But the M-14 like it’s predecessor the M-1 it is big, heavy and bulky so it is not a rifle for everyone today.

The General moved fast and he got in close to his enemies with his tanks and when he committed his infantry to the fight  it was up close and personal but he gave them all the firepower his armored units could provide. Which leads me to think that he might have liked a heavy hitting carbine design such as the original AR-10 in 7.62 MM (308 cal.) or perhaps he would have went with one of the Bullpup designed guns? Or maybe he would have agreed with the article’s author that the AK is the best there is in the world. I don’t know but my gut tells me he wouldn’t agree because as a great American he just wouldn’t admit that a Russian designed gun was better than any of ours. So what do you think?

Well we will never know one way or the other, this question will remain one of those great philosophical questions of the gun world for now and ever more. Or maybe not, it all depends on the simple fact does anyone out there in Cyberspace really care or even think about such things? Besides me.  Well if you have an opionion on this please let me know.

Either way read the article by following the link below and enjoy.

Wanna Fight? The Top 5 Combat Rifles of All-Time. If the link doesn’t work for you cut and paste the text link below into your browser and you should be good to go.

Take care and be safe here in Cyberspace and out there in the real world of Reality


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