Fun Days

Good Morning World

Well yesterday was a blast (ok a lot of them;-) Went to the range to try out my new toys, a Remington model 700 in 30-.06 and a Marlin model 336 in of course 30-30. Of course took the family and a great friend along and we all got to play with them as well as our trusty Marlin model 60 in 22 L.R. (you know the kind that is really hard to find ammo for now days:-). But thanks to Cabello’s my 22 stock pile is being refreshed again after months of not being able to get any. So things are improving in a lot of areas in the Gun world finally.

Both rifles shoot very well the Remington looks like it will be a 1 MOA shooter once I get used to it. It probably is already and it is the trigger puller who is throwing it off at least for now.  Going to try it out at the 200 yard range next time just to see how well it reaches out that far and then beyond. Well who knows, what lies in the great beyond anyway. The Marlin seemed to shoot high for us, but after thinking about it last night I think the problem is probably not being used to the big old Buckhorn sight and probably not having the correct sight picture for it. Have to test my theory next week just to be sure. Ok just another reason to go play but hey that’s what being a gun guy is all about anyway.

Today I get to do my other favorite type of shooting and give my Canon camera a good workout. I will be photographing the Jacksonville Children’s Chorus Christmas concert today. The Cool Side of Yule. This is always a great concert and this will be the first year I get to shoot it, which to me even beats just listening too it. Which is awesome but to be even a small part of that incredible group is an honor and always a ton of fun for a photographer.

So truly fun days for sure.

Take care out there and stay safe this Holiday Season.