Wild at Heart

17 October 2014

Good Morning Blog World Readers

Went to an interesting church men’s group last night to begin the study of John Eldredge’s book entitled “Wild at Heart” and so far it looks like it will a very interesting study. Certainly not your typical bible study by any means, the primary focus of the book is to have man regain his “Wild Heart”.  In the book he discusses all the ways that the wild man in all of us has for the most part been tamed by modern society and to regain our true self’s we must shed some of the bonds of civilization and get back to being men. So far I am impressed with the book which I am already half way through and the first video lesson was well thought out and well done. As yet I have not started the accompanying work book, but at first glance is appears to be well done as well.

So stay tuned over the next few months and I will keep you posted on my progress and opinions on the book and series.

And for the record it is perfectly acceptable to be a Gun Guy and church goer as well, at least down here in the South anyway;-)

Take care out there