Interesting comparison of two cities

Interesting comparison – – Coupled with the only possible reason / conclusion for the pronounced differences between the two cities – – It’s quite obvious – – Don’t you think?




Stats can mean different things to different people….



A Tale of Two Cities

Chicago, IL Houston, TX
Population 2.7 million 2.15 million
Median HH Income $38,600 $37,000
% African-American 38.9% 24%
% Hispanic 29.9% 44%
% Asian 5.5% 6%
% Non-Hispanic White 28.7% 26%

Pretty similar until you compare the following:

Chicago, IL Houston, TX
Concealed Carrygun law no yes
# of Gun Stores 0 184 – Dedicated gun stores plus 1500 – legal places to buy guns- Walmart, K-mart, sporting goods, etc.
Homicides, 2012 1,806 207
Homicides per 100K 38.4 9.6
Avg. January high temperature  (F) 31 63


Cold weather from global warming causes murder. 🙂


Note: In the future some of these stats may change because as all you knowledgeable gun people know during 2014 Illinois was forced by the courts to allow Concealed Carry in the state. So it may help the crime rates in the future there. We can only hope, but based on these Stats there is nothing really going to help them until this whole Global Warming cold weather thing goes away;-)

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Pending legislation in Florida for Concealed Carry on College Campuses

Florida Carry Action Alert
In light of the recent FSU shootings and sexual attacks at UF, Rep. Greg Steube and Sen. Greg Evers have filed companion campus carry bills.

Frankly, we have had enough. Recently, a deranged former student entered the Strozier Library on the campus of Florida State University and opened fire. Thankfully there were no fatalities however one student was left permanently paralyzed and a member of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus was shot in the leg; another student was grazed by a bullet, a fourth was saved by a book that stopped the bullet meant for him, and the fifth student was narrowly missed by a round that hit the student’s bicycle.

What has not been generally reported is that a combat veteran had an opportunity to immediately stop the shooter. The veteran, who wishes to avoid publicity, served two tours in Afghanistan as an Army Infantryman and qualified expert in rifle and pistol earlier this year. He had a clear shot at the attacker, but because of the prohibition on campus carry, was not allowed to carry on campus.
Of course, that law didn’t stop the shooter.

Recognizing that “gun-free zones” only disarm those who would obey the law, Rep. Steube and Sen. Evers have sponsored companion bills to remove college campuses from the prohibited places list for Concealed Carry Licensees.

In an attempt at fear-mongering, opponents raise the spectre of drunk children flailing guns about carelessly and law enforcement being inept at determining who is the bad guy and who isn’t. Of course, this is pure propaganda being fed to the ignorant.
Except for trained current military and honorably discharged veterans, a licensee must be 21 years of age, all (even military) must also undergo state and federal background checks, provide proof of firearm safety training, and pay a licensing tax.

These are the very same adults who can legally carry practically anywhere else in the state. Statistically, they are the most law-abiding demographic that data is available for, even more so than law enforcement officers. Department of Agriculture statistics show that of the over 2.3 million licenses issued since 1987, only 168 have been revoked for a crime involving a firearm. That comes out to about 0.006%.

College campuses are no stranger to violent crime. This year UF suffered a string of attempted sexual assaults, the attacker has not been found. USDOE statistics tell us that year after year our defenseless students become victims of violent crime 5 days a week on average on Florida college or university campuses.

Florida Carry will do everything within our power to protect and expand the right of self-defense. College Campuses are no strangers to violent crime, Campus Carry is needed now.
Please help pass Florida House Bill 4005 and Senate Bill 176 by calling, emailing, and/or writing your senator or representative and expressing your support for self-defense on campus. Too many lives have been lost because of the illusion of safety and security associated with “gun-free zones”.

This is under the category of interesting, but don’t try it at home!

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I don’t usually pull things to post from Reddit but I saw this one and thought it was unusual enough to share. However, I do not recommend trying this at home and I certainly would not bet my life on it by really using them for this purpose. But in case of the Zombie Apocalypse it could come in handy ;-)???

Either way it is one of those things that make you go “say what?”

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cutting board armor test – Imgur.

Brownells Glock 42 Giveaway | World’s Largest Supplier of Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts and Gunsmithing Tools – BROWNELLS

Good Morning All

If you are feeling lucky follow the link below to register to win a new Glock 42 from Brownell’s and if I were you I would order there catalog as they have a lot of great stuff.

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Brownells Glock 42 Giveaway | World’s Largest Supplier of Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts and Gunsmithing Tools – BROWNELLS.

Ages & Stages: Teaching Children Firearms Safety | USCCA

A good article about our kids and gun safety from the U.S. Concealed Carry Association

Ages & Stages: Teaching Children Firearms Safety | USCCA.

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Colorado High Schooler Invents Smart Gun That Unlocks With Your Fingerprint | TechCrunch

I just saw this on the web and wanted to pass it on.  So far it is a concept gun but it looks and sounds impressive. This is one of those ideas that some will like, some will love it and some will hate it.  Either way it shows what a smart kid with motivation can accomplish and with luck one of the big firearm manufactures will hire him to help design the guns of the future.

So check out the article and see what the future may hold.
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Colorado High Schooler Invents Smart Gun That Unlocks With Your Fingerprint | TechCrunch.

Gun Free Zones are a bad idea for law abiding citizens

Here is a good article addressing the true stupidity of gun free zones in this day and age.  They infringe on our rights to protect ourselves and our families in fact they put us at risk especially our children.  At least some if not all the school shootings could have been prevented if there was an armed presence at the school besides the manic hell bent on killing kids.  So please read the article below and then check out the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) it is a great organization.

take care and be safe out there in Cyberspace and here in reality


September 2014 • Issue No. 36



When I hear the term “gun-free zone,” a couple words immediately come to mind:

Ineffective. Dangerous.

Gun-free zones are ineffective. They do not stop crime. And gun-free zones are dangerous. They disarm the good guys and instill a false sense of security in anyone who actually believes a few words on a sign will keep them safe.

You know, maybe the word “ineffective” isn’t quite right.

Because I believe that gun-free zones really DO work…

…for criminals.

Let me share a quick story with you that illustrates exactly what I mean.

Last week, host Mark Walters and Concealed Carry Magazine Executive Editor Kevin Michalowski took to the airwaves for a lively Armed American Radio broadcast from the Minnesota State Fair.

Both Mark and Kevin commented on the “No Guns Allowed” signs posted near each entrance.

So neither was overly surprised—nor was I—when the Pioneer Press reported an “armed robbery of a large amount of cash from the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild exhibit at the State Fair. The robbers bound two workers during the robbery, State Fair police said Wednesday.”

According to the Star Tribune, State Fair’s Public Information Officer Brooke Blakey—who vocalized the fair’s “no gun” policy a week earlier in the Twin Cities Daily Planet—did not “disclose what type of weapon was used.”

Could it be, as Mark suggests in his editorial below, that a criminal ignored the gun-free zone signs, brought a gun into the fair, and proceeded to terrorize several workers before walking away with over $10,000? So much for following the rules…

Of course, Blakey and other anti-gunners don’t want law-abiding gun owners to know this. (Too late!) And Blakey certainly doesn’t want the people I mentioned above—the “sheep,” if you will—to know this.

Kevin summarized it perfectly:

“Welcome to the Fair, where more than the carnival games are rigged against honest citizens.”

But remember: it’s not just at the fair—it’s anywhere we find those “No Guns Allowed” signs. Our best plan of action is to continually draw attention to incidents like the one at the Minnesota State Fair, and make it known we refuse to be defenseless.

Take Care and Stay Safe,

Tim Schmidt

Publisher – Concealed Carry Report

USCCA Founder