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Happy 60th Birthday to the C-130

Today is the 60th birthday of what many believe is the greatest transport aircraft ever built, the C-130 Hercules. Having flown in and jumped out of them, I can tell you firsthand that they are indeed an incredible flying machine. For more info check out this link to Fox News. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/08/19/after-60-years-c-130-still-magnificent-machine/ May they keep flying […]

Rifle Scopes

While we are on the subject of “Perspective” I thought some good info on Rifle Scopes would be of interest to some of you. Recently there have been a couple or good articles that I would recommend in the June 14 edition of Guns & Ammo Kyle Lamb’s article on scope “Reticles” and in the […]


17 August 2014 How “Perspective” changes what we can see for example take our Field of View (FOV) of the camera lens or a telescopic sight on your favorite firearm. Simply stated the wider the field of field the father away your subject (target) appears to be from you. Appears is the operative word here. […]

RIA Upcoming auction

Good Morning All I just picked up the company mail and in it is the catalog for the upcoming Premiere firearms auction at the Rock Island Auction (RIA) company. Note not the Rock Island Arsenal;-) But if you love great guns and want to look and dream or even buy one check out this link […]

The Travel Report part 1

15 August 2014   Well folks I am back on line as many of you know we took a trip out to the Wild West this summer. One of the things I was not expecting was that the Wild West is also technology challenged or at least the camp grounds we stopped out were for […]

First Post

Hello and Welcome to the first official Blog of Shooting Starr Sports! (say Yea now! ok just a smile will work fine for now;-) This is an introduction to Shooting Starr Sports and my journey down the road of life and this new trail into the “Blog-a-sphere”. First, I should tell you about my concept […]