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Good Morning all

This is a follow on discussion from last weekend’s Gun show and my thoughts on them based on people watching.

Gun shows are truly a microcosm of modern life in Jacksonville. The segment of the general public who attends a gun show truly represent a cross section of America, despite what the press and gun haters would have us believe. Not everyone who owns a gun is a crazy nut or a redneck. Granted we do have our share of rednecks at gun shows, but hey we do live in the South and it is a fine old Southern tradition ;-).

I saw a lot of us older gun guys and gals both as buyers and sellers; we had plenty of the middle age crowd and a good number of young people in their twenties. Most were Caucasian, but there were a good percentage of African Americans as well, plus I saw a few folks who appeared to be of Hispanic descent along with a couple of people of Asian descent.

FYI there were a few roaming around that you wonder what plant there from? If you know what I mean;-)

Diversity such as this is a good example of how all-encompassing the gun culture is in our society. It does not matter, who you are or what your ancestral heritage maybe, “Gun people” are truly all Americans when you get right down to it. So, what are the real or perceived problems that gun grabbers like Bloomberg are trying to pin on the average American citizen gun owner?  Is it driven by their fear of ‘Guns” or is it a power and control thing they have?

I really don’t know, you can read a lot of theories on what drive’s them to want to take away and control firearms and depending upon the individual there are probably as many motives as stars in the sky. Only time and history in the future will really be able to sort it all out.

For me and I am sure most of you who are reading this blog it is simple fact that guns are just part of who we are as Americans. Many of us grew up around guns, hunting and shooting, we have served our country in the military where your life and the mission’s success depend upon using the weapons at hand. It does not matter if that weapon is a rifle, pistol or a jet aircraft; the goal is the same, to protect our country and our citizens. Guns are part of our way of life, so are the rights of freedom of speech and the freedom to make your own choices. So if the gun haters don’t want guns, ok they don’t have to have any. I don’t know of anyone forcing them to buy or own one do you? That is the true beauty of our democracy the freedom to choose your own path. So to the gun haters, I say you go your way and those of us who are also law abiding American citizens who own firearms will go our way.  Live and let live as the old saying goes.

All right take care out there and be safe here in Cyberspace and doubly so out on the streets in reality.


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  1. Jim G
    Jim G says:

    Gun haters is a misnomer. According to Stefan Molyneau, Gun control folks don’t hate guns, they love them, because the gov’t agencies they send to take them away from the citizenery will have to have lot’s of guns to do it. So, it is really a matter of who they think should have them all. Now anyone with a lick of sense knows how well the gov’t handles things when they have complete control of it. (Sarcasm intended) So if one can persuade the gun control folks to “Truly” see the situation with that in mind, they may grasp what it is they are asking for. Doubt it, I’m a skeptic!!

    Offer on those Iowa Blues artists still good!!

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